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Zangoora, The Gypsy Prince completes more than Stunning 1600 shows!

Zangoora, The Gypsy Prince completes more than Stunning 1600 shows!

-by Deepak Dua

‘Zangoora, The Gypsy Prince’ has completed a spectacular run of more than 1600

shows recently. The larger than life Bollywood musical on stage has continued to

mesmerize and hold the viewers in thrall with its stunning visual effects and imposing

stage props. The endearing story of the royal prince lost in childhood and brought up

amongst gypsies to grow up into a handsome heartbreaker, favored by the beautiful

belles of the community, continues its magical hold on the visitors to Kingdom of

Dreams, Gurgaon.

The enthralling musical, the world’s biggest and longest running Bollywood show on

stage, has established itself as the piece-de-resistance in the world of live

entertainment, for a viewer looking to experience the magic and sheer energy of

Bollywood, live on stage, in a cinematic format. The music is captivating, the story

charming and the vitality of the dancers unbelievable. The actors charm and the

dancers stun with their gravity defying leaps and sheer joi-de-vivre. Great music,

opulent costumes and mesmerizing special effects elevate the extravagantly styled,

snazzy theatrical, leaving the breathless audience applauding and asking for more.

Over the years, since its stupendous launch in the year 2010, Zangoora, the Gypsy

Prince has entertained Royalty, Corporate Czars, Entertainment Moguls, Bollywood

Stars, Political bigwigs and various maestros from different walks of life. Stephen

Wynn, the luminary of the entertainment world, credited with building Las Vegas has

said, “The energy, enthusiasm and gusto in Zangoora are so powerful. The live musical

is great value for entertainment for the audience.” The Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh

Khan expressing his thoughts said, “Kingdom of Dreams is a pioneer, I have a great

time whenever I visit KOD. The Badshah is happy after seeing this place. When I think

of this concept of KOD, I feel this is very entertainingly Indianized.”

The one and only Salman Khan expressed his wonder, saying, “I couldn’t believe that

something so big can be put together in this fashion. I haven’t seen anything so

beautiful in our country, every Indian will be proud of this place.” Bollywood Mogul the

late Yash Chopra said, “I have not seen such a wonderful show ever, not only in India

but around the world”. Different people and different sensibilities, but each one of them

has been captivated by the surreal magic of Zangoora.

Expressing his pride and excitement, Viraf Sarkari, Director Kingdom of Dreams said, “I

am happy and proud to see and experience this achievement. We have completed a

dream run of more than 1600 shows and my happiness knows no bounds. Zangoora

has been a labour of love and is a witness to the dedication and commitment of the

cast and crew who have been staging it tirelessly for the past four and a half years. The

theatrical has won rave reviews and ecstatic responses. I am proud of the team of

Zangoora and would like to congratulate them all on this spectacular achievement!”

Mr. Anumod Gagan Sharma, Managing Director of Kingdom of Dreams, said, “Zangoora,

the Gypsy Prince was our cherished vision for creating an International Broadway style

entertainment for the Indian viewers. We have now crossed non-stop 1600 shows and

this spectacular achievement has given us to understand that we have been on the

right path to entertain and delight our audiences.”

Written by the legendary Javed Akhtar and with music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy,

Zangoora is an enchanting blend of song, music and creativity which has enthralled

visitors from across the globe and made Indians proud. The sheer spectacle, ecstasy

and beauty of Zangoora has won millions of hearts globally and continues to weave its

web of magic amongst enthralled viewers!