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‘Whiplash’ shoot was gruelling: Miles Teller

‘Whiplash’ shoot was gruelling: Miles Teller


Miles Teller, who has earned himself a well-deserved spot in the BAFTA Rising Star category for his role in ‘Whiplash’, said the film’s frantic 19-day shoot informed his performance.

The 27-year-old actor has given a remarkable and visceral performance in electrifying drama ‘Whiplash’, in which he plays a young jazz drummer who is pushed to his limits by a vicious mentor (JK Simmons), reported Digital Spy.

“For this film it works, because I think as an audience you feel a lot of the energy that we were shooting with,” Teller said.

“We were really scrambling around to get shots, and because you know you only have a few takes, you’re not holding back on any one of them.”