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When dazzling stars came on earth

When dazzling stars came on earth

When dazzling stars came on earth
Manoj Bisaria

It is said that all that glitters is not gold but Gurgaon, a city of multinational hub, witnessed the day when a colourful fashion show was organized at the city’s most prominent five star hotel Bristol. It was an evening when the stars from their respective galaxies appeared on earth to celebrate Aaj ki Delhi award ceremony. The stars from different walks of life were welcomed by a large crowd. Among them, Ali Kuli Mirza, choreographer Sandeep Sonarkar, fashion designe Rohit, TV serial artists………., Socialite Deepa Antil, renowned Astrologer Alka Sharma and P. Khurana, famous TV anchor Yogita were most remarkable.
Aaj ki Delhi had this fashion show with the collaboration of International institute of fashion technology. Mr. Yograaj Sharma, Chief Editor, Aaj Ki Delhi and Mr. Ratandeep Lal were the main organizers of the show. Program had three segments. In its first part Singer Shamsher sang some of his melodies while Junior Amitabh, Mr. Amit Yadav entertained the crowd with his dialogues. It seemed as if big B himself was present there. People wanted to have a photo session with him and he didn’t refuse anybody. Those who had a wish to have a photo with big B, they could have fulfilled their dreams. Although this artist had a different voice quality yet the people liked his brief performance.
The show was organized at the Bristol’s lawn where a mammoth artistic stage with the background of a palace was built. It was connected with the ramp where the models had to walk. Approximately thirty male and female scintillating models were on stage to show case their performance.
After a brief introduction of all the models, the next segment fashion show started. It was an amazing fashion show where not only up coming but also the veteran models participated and cheered the audience. Some of them were fresher and it was their first experience to perform a cat walk before the audience. When gorgeous, well dressed models walk on ramp, anybody can judge their passion. Thinking of be a model is different but to adapt himself like a model is always difficult. When the group of models performed on ramp, it was hard to believe that most of the models were amateurs. Some of them while introduction had communication problem, maybe due to crowd or stage phobia …..but when they performed, they had won all the hurdles. Confident, disciplined and full of positivity….they stole the show. Judges had to declare model of the year among them.
People enjoyed the show. This segment was wonderful.
The third and the last round was the award function ceremony where the top notch celebrities of different fields were gathered to receive their awards.
Aaj ki Delhi, a magazine of national and international fame organizes different activities like fashion shows, award functions, talent hunt etc. off and on. In order to bring Bollywood to Haryana, it was a gesture and efforts of Mr. Yograaj Sharma who has been working on Haryana state for a long time. He is pioneer in T.V. media industry who started first haryana based channel in the country. The man who has a vision to bring all film industries big tycoon to Haryana so that the youth of the state could learn and understand film industry. It looks great when the stars of distinguish fields appear in public, share their experiences and motivate the new generation.
. The program full of music and dance lasted more than two hours. People enjoyed a theme based show when songs of different era with dance, were portrayed by the budding artists. At the end, Mr. Jishaan Ali and Ms. Deepika Bhatt were declared model of the year while Poonam and Seetu got second and third ranking.
After this successful venture, Aaj ki Delhi has decided to organize other event very soon so that the youth of the state could motivate themselves in different fields.