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Vishal Dadlani performs at AAP organized DU freshers’ party in Delhi

Vishal Dadlani performs at AAP organized DU freshers’ party in Delhi

“Irrespective of which student party they vote for (if they decide to vote), all the DU fuchchas showed up for the freshers’ party that AAP and its student wing, CYSS, threw on Tuesday. They partied with AAP’s celeb supporters, and later Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and deputy CM Manish Sisodia as well.

Abhishek, an attendee, said, “I am here for Dadlani and because I wanted to watch Kejriwal speak. But vote karne jaenge ya nahin yeh toh dekhna padega. Hum sabka yehi scene hai.” Raghu Ram, who anchored the event, introduced the CYSS candidates to the crowd as mental patients. Explaining himself, he said, “Jab AAP aayi thi, toh Sheila Dixit ne bhi bola tha ki aise thodi na ghar baithe party bann jaegi, jeet jaegi. Par inn logon mein paagalpan hai. Aur ab DU mein bhi naye paagal aaye hain. Sab mental patient hain, aur issliye hi mujhe passand hain… Main aapko apni ek story sunata hoon. Pehle sab yehi jaanna chahte they ki mujhe itna gussa kyun aata hai. Par ab main shareef ho gaya hoon, toh jo log mujhse baat karne se darte they, ab kuch bhi bol kar chale jaate hain.” After the CM’s arrival, he added, “Par inn logon ne mujhe badal diya. Jab se main Arvind Kejriwal se mila hoon, inka ladne ka tareeka dekha hai, maine gussa karna chhod diya hai.”

Iss poore nation mein jo bhi change aaega, woh Delhi se hi aayega: Vishal Dadlani

Vishal Dadlani, who has been very vocal about his faith in the party, also performed at the event. Before singing Dance Basanti, he told the guys in the crowd, “Please girls ko bhi comfortably khade hone ki, dance karne ki space dijiye. Jitni aazaadi se aap ek concert enjoy karte hain, utni hi azaadi inn logon ko bhi milni chaahiye.” Asking the students to go and vote during the campus elections, he added, “Mujhe lagta hai ki iss poore nation mein jo bhi change aaega, woh Delhi se hi aayega. Dilli se hi sab hai. Aur Dilli students se hai.”
Buddies with the CM

Astitva, a band comprising DU graduates, also performed at the event. Salman, the lead vocalist of the band and an alumnus of Ramjas College, said, “Even now, I can still feel the same energy in DU that was there years ago.” Later, the artistes shared the stage with Kejriwal and also clicked a selfie with the CM. CMs and Astitva go a long way back. While former CM Sheila Dixit had declared one of their songs as Delhi’s anthem, Kejriwal dined with them at his residence after the party on Tuesday.