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Upcoming Bollywood Rising Star Arian Romal
Arian Romal…Denmark’s Rockstar speaks about his passion in Acting & Singing

Upcoming Bollywood Rising Star Arian Romal

Arian Romal…Denmark’s Rockstar speaks about his passion in Acting & Singing!

Brief Description: 

Arian Romal is a famous Indian/Afghan singer, composer, film director and actor. We interviewed Arian on his upcoming projects & debut in Bollywood…

Q Anyone in your family who is in this singing or acting profession?

Arian– No! I am the first one in entertainment rest all are related to the political field. I thank God for it as I can survive this way. My family members are more into education, politics and a different kind of work.

Q Do you like singing and composing?

Arian– Definitely, I love my work and for me its passion and not work no matter how much if people term it as a work. It will be work if you don’t like to do it, but if you do something that you love doing, then end of the day it’s not a work for you. So, I do it like I am living it and doing it. ‘Live your life the way you love to do and all that you dream about’. Sometimes if I feel okay, I like this project that’s when I decide to do it.

Q Was singing and dancing your passion ever since childhood?

Arian– Everything begins with a hobby, then it becomes a passion and when I was 8-9 years old I used to listen to different kinds of songs in various languages. In school, we had a music lesson and we were allowed to play with drums and piano. I used to sit there all the time and explore it. I used to not be aware of it, but still it attracted me. Then, with time I developed interest got a piano for me, I even danced as a background dancer for a lot of singers in Europe. While I moved around with the musician as a dancer I saw what they did and how so I learnt it technically.

Slowly, with time I got connected with a lot of producers and composers in Europe. Only because of my dancing I was a dancer for other artists. This way I learnt many things from different kinds of composers and I put it in my way whatever comes to my mind.

Q Tell us about the languages you know in which you can sing?            

Arian– My life started with music and I listen to Turkish, Persian and English music and of course Indian music. I can speak Farsi (Persian Language), German, Swedish, Danish (local language of Denmark) and of course Hindi & English. My father is from Punjab and my mother is from the Persian side of Kashmir. We used to speak Farsi at home and once you understand the music and the feelings behind it and that gets you connected. I try to sing and learn it and slowly I get the urge to know how they did it and I start analyzing the sound. Why were the drums used in it and gradually it becomes more interesting!