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Tughlaq @ Panna Bharat Ram Theatre Festival 2017.

Tughlaq @ Panna Bharat Ram Theatre Festival 2017.

History is full of instances where entire masses of people have moved, voluntarily or otherwise, from one place to another, covering enormous distances, overcoming insurmountable obstacles, suffering untold misery. Tughlaq by Girish Karnad deals with one such mass displacement: the exodus of the wretched subjects of Tughlaq from Delhi to Daulatabad and back again, five years later, from Daulatabad to Delhi – a movement that is as futile as it is ridiculous.
Tughlaq’s dream is to find an everlasting empire fashioned after his vision in order to transform humanity which, to him, is like « cattle », although he hopes to « make men out of some of them ». Blinded by this vision, Tughlaq isolates himself from his people, even as he securely wraps himself up in his cocoon. His intolerance and rigidity, coupled with his maniacal desire to transform the world without first understanding it, lead to a self-imposed solitary confinement.

About the Director
Prof. K. MADAVANE obtained his doctorate from JNU on the representation of death in Theatre of the Absurd. Madavane retired as Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University. Having trained in Paris, Madavane returned to New Delhi to form Chingari, (1983) a theatre group with a difference. He has directed more than 100 plays in English, Hindi, French and German. Under the aegis of the Erasmus Program, European Commission, Madavane was invited to conduct theatre workshops in the various European universities. Also in Lomé (Togo-Africa) and Melbourne (Australia). As a Visiting Professor, Madavane was teaching (1994-1995), acting and direction at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) in Montreal. It was in Canada that Madavane wrote in French, The Mahabharata of women, which was produced in 1995 at UQAM as part of the training for theatre students. Madavane also directed The Mahabharata of women in German for the Baaden-Wurtemberg Festival at Karlsruhe (Germany) in 2002 with a German cast and in 2011 in Paris with a French cast (“Au fil des diagonales”). The Mahabharata of women was also performed on 12th-14th April 2013 in Melbourne with an Australian cast. The play was staged in many cities in India in its English version.
​Date: 23rd Dec @ 6:30pm​
Playwright: ​​Girish Karnad
Director:​​ K Madavane
Performing group: ​​SRCPA Repertory
Language: ​​Hindustani​ (150mins)​