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Turning mirrors into windows so that they may witness the beauty of the world,
Knowing how to build walls so that they may build their better future,
But preferring to build bridges so that they may bridge up with someone who is willing to learn.
Education is a means to an end, G-SIL Educational Society believes in the empowering effect of education and its ability to enable people to develop a positive attitude towards society. We at G-SIL Educational Society believe that quality education is the key to overcome poverty in a single generation as well as the fundamental in creating a future for human security, community development and progress of nation.
G-SIL Educational Society works for providing an enabling environment to kindle the light of education in each child. Towards this end, training teachers in sound, organizing workshops for students and teachers both, providing them after school support, arranging French and English language classes for students, competitions and events, students’ training and their recruitment are our priorities.
Apart from traditional textbook teaching , we focus on group work and innovative games that help understand the language better. Another such initiative is the Education for Everyone programme launched on 30 April, 2016 focuses on teaching underprivileged children to develop their linguistic skills for higher education and youth improving their employability quotient through professional level based language programmes.
The joy of giving education to someone who really needs is unmatchable. We always tend to multiply this joy by imparting education to the underprivileged children who have the right to education as well as the quest for learning but are unable to get it due to the lack of resources. Education is the means to empower. The cycle is viscous you educate one generation and others follow. We assure quality of education at G-SIL Educational Society, students here are assured of their right for a better life.