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TDP loosing tie-up with BJP

TDP loosing tie-up with BJP

Hyderabad, January 05:

TDP and BJP set to see a battle over water distribution from Godavari River to Krishna, through Polavaram Right Main Canal, for domestic and industrial use. BJP is also miffed over sanction of 1,300 crore for diversion of water.

BJP and other opposition parties alleged that with this way of water distribution would deprive the irrigation and drinking water needs of Godavari districts.

BJP called an all party meeting on Monday to discuss the government’s decision of lifting 80 TMCs of Godavari River water to Krishna delta. BJP has invited all parties except the TDP; giving a message that BJP no more needed TDP ally.

Reacting to this, TDP MLA Gorantla Buchaiah Chowdary said the proposal was only a temporary measure. The TDP leader said that the party leadership has directed them not to bother about the all party.

The politicians who are set to migrate from Congress and YSRC parties are choosing BJP over TDP. In this scenario, the strength of BJP will raise immensely. Modi’s fever is already there and hence if BJP turns powerful in AP, it may loosen the tie-up with TDP to take over the state as leading party. The situation which was seen in Maharastra will be seen in AP in future.

It’s too early to predict but evidence shows as part of its strategy to strengthen the party in the state, BJP is slowly laying the road for a direct confrontation with TDP.