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Suresh Prabhu inaugrates commencement of works of electrification of tracks

Suresh Prabhu inaugrates commencement of works of electrification of tracks


Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister of Railways  inaugurated the commencement of works of Electrification of Rail Line Between Rohtak-Bhatinda-Lehra Mohabbat section at a ceremony held here(Rohtak) on Sunday. Sh.Manohar Lal Khattar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana was the Guests of Honor on the occasion.

The project was approved by Cabinet Committee on Infrastructures (CCI) on 21/01/2010 for 252 Route Kilometers (RKM) and 580 track kilometers (TKM) at a cost of Rs.294 crores in 12th plan with financial and economic Rate of Return as 14.02%.  The section is predominantly a double line section from Rohtak to Bhatinda (227 RKM) and single line section between Bhatinda – Lehramuhabbat (25 RKM).  The entire section comprise of 33 stations.

The electrification works includes provision of OHE equipments, construction of Switching Station Post (14 nos), Supervisory Remote Control and Data Acquisition System, Grid substations (4 nos), Transmission lines , Civil engineering works, Improvement of signaling system including Panel interlocking of stations, Colour Light Signalling & modification to telecommunication system to suit 25 kV traction system, Uninterrupted power supply, Data Logger, LED lit signals & Block proving axle counters.

This route serves mainly for transporting entire coal traffic from coal fields in Chota Nagpur/Madhya Pradesh to Rajasthan as well as Punjab for various industries and Thermal Power Stations located at Kattar Singh Wala, Lehra Muhabat in these states.

The electrification work on the main line connecting Delhi to Mumbai has been already completed. After electrification of Delhi area, the entire traffic of Chota Nagpur & Southern Coal Field region is coming to Shakurbasti on electric traction. The traction changes from Electric to Diesel and vice versa at Shakurbasti cause heavy detention to through trains having cascading effect on train operations. Further, The capacity utilization of DUK (Delhi-Ambala-Kalka) section is as high as 170% in 2006-07 and annual growth of freight traffic in this section is 10% per annum. The electrification work would enable the Railway to divert some of the freight traffic on Delhi-Rohtak-Bhatinda-Lehra Muhabhat section and ease the load on the DUK section.

The electrification of the section will enhance regional mobility and enable the Railway to enhance the fleet of EMU/MEMU services on the section. Electrification of rail lines has other accrued benefits viz.  Better turn-around time for rolling stock & power, higher sectional capacity, environmental upgradation, enhanced safety, improved energy efficiency, reduction in journey time of Mail/Express trains by 90-120 minutes resulting in more customer satisfaction.