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Rahul could go, PM Modi may have a Vajpayee moment: Political predictions for 2015

Rahul could go, PM Modi may have a Vajpayee moment: Political predictions for 2015

Circa 2014 was Narendra Modi’s non-stop party. He invited us all with promises, shibboleths, slogans, dreams, hopes; anything he could conjure.

For a long time, Rahul Gandhi hung around, even after being told that the music, the slogan, the chorus was all Modi’s and there was no chance he could dance on the poll floor. Sometime in the middle he slipped away, quietly, unobtrusively.

Arvind Kejriwal gatecrashed the show. He drew everybody’s attention with his innovative themes and theatrics, picked up a fight with the host, got a bloody nose but, like a stubborn visitor, refused to leave.

This is 2015. The party got over past night. Now, everybody will have to start afresh; some (Modi) with a hangover, others (Kejriwal) with takeaways and an unfortunate few (Rahul) with the leftovers.

Will 2015 be the same as past year? Here are my predictions for the next year, with the caveat that these aren’t based on feedback from Smriti Irani’s astrologer.

Rahul will face his Chacha Kesari moment: Call it the theory of karma, law of retribution or just an old Congress habit. But all this comes together often in the Congress to lead to regicide, or, if you remember Sitaram Kesri, cheer haran.

In March 1998, after the party’s debacle in Lok Sabha polls, when impatient leaders and cadre realized that Congress president Kesri wasn’t competent enough to lead them back to power, he was literally stripped of his post in full view of the Congress darbar, in a mock replay of Draupadi’s humiliation in front of Dhritrashtra.