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P. N. Gadgil Jewellers launches its grand showroom in Kalyan
P. N. Gadgil Jewellers launches its grand showroom in Kalyan

P. N. Gadgil Jewellers launches its grand showroom in Kalyan

Mumbai,By Kabir Ali 

P N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. has been successful in fulfilling the commitment made this February to open 9 stores in 9 months. The Kalyan store launch on 11th September 2015coincides with the 101st birthday of Lt. Shri Dajikaka Gadgil and also marks the opening of the 9th store. The elite showroom was launched by Bollywood Diva Raveena Tandon, in the presence of Mr. Saurabh Gadgil -Chairman & Managing Director,Mr. Parag Gadgil – Executive Director, and Mr. Vidyadhar Gadgil – Director, P.N. Gadgil Jewellers.

The jewellery store is about 2000 sq. ft. elegantlydesigned with contemporary look, spacious enough to treat every jewellery admirer. The showroom will boast of an array of exquisite & opulentvariations of Silver, Gold and Diamond jewellery, highlighting its distinguished creations.

Kalyan is one of the largest localities in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) having benefits of Kalyan-Dombivli twin city it will drive and boosts Mumbai’s Gold market in the coming future. The favorable gold market capacity and better purchasing power of citizens is expected to accelerate and boost the economic growth in this region, which would befavorable for P. N. Gadgil Jewellers growth.

Saurabh Gadgil, Chairman & Managing Director, P.N. Gadgil Jewellersshares“It’s a proud moment for the entire PNG family today that we have fulfilled our commitment of 9 stores on the 101st birthday of our beloved Lt.  Shri Dajikaka Gadgil. We would like to maximize our client base by reaching out to the wider audiences in growing regions like Kalyan. Taking into consideration Kalyan’s accessibility, connectivity affordability and growing population, it becomes an extremely favourablelocation for us to mark our presence in the region. Like all other PNG stores, we have also installed our latest technology called ‘Try on Kiosk’ with augmented face detection which will enable our customers to experiment and try out our different jewellery pieces in the virtual environment.”

Raveena Tandon, Bollywood actress shares, “PN Gadgil Jewellers have always been known for their trust and quality which has been maintained since its inception. That is why people have a close connect with PN Gadgil Jewellers. I wish the PNG family all the luck in their prosperous journey leading many milestones in the future.”


About P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.:   

  1. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd is one of the most reputed jewellers with 183 years of excellence in creativity and their warm service for customers across the world that have helped a woman discover her beauty. Under the leadership of Mr. Saurabh Gadgil a strong visionary, P. N. Gadgil Jewellers Pvt Ltd is creating a brand that caters to the taste of modern Indian women.