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Opposition Agenda for the Vidhan Sabha tomorrow

Opposition Agenda for the Vidhan Sabha tomorrow

Leader of Opposition Sh. Vijender Gupta today said that the special session of the Vidhan Sabha called tomorrow is crucial in many ways as the AAP Government due to its unconstitutional and inappropriate functioning has brought Delhi to a cross-road where each road leads only to downward slide in terms of development and progress. The opposition will corner AAP Government as how did it mislead and misguide the public and the constitutional authorities alike on the issue of appointment of 21 Parliamentary Secretaries. It would press for answer tomorrow in the House as to why did the Government virtually make these MLAs almost Ministers. Why did it not take care of Government Revenue while creating these posts with office of profit attached to them?

A meeting of BJP MLAs was held today at Vidhan Sabha wherein besides Sh. Vijender Gupta, the other two MLAs Sh. OP Sharma and Sh. Jagdish Pradhan were present. It was decided in the meeting that BJP will also take up the issue of the recalled Secretary, Vidhan Sabha Prasanna Kumar Suryadevra who is still unauthorisedly occupying the post contrary to the orders of the Central Government. It will also raise the important issues of non-participation of the Chief Minister in Delhi Vidhan Sabha Session, his and his ministers escape from Delhi for political campaigning, the sex scandal of the dismissed Minister Sandeep Kumar, condemnable attitude of AAP Leader Ashutosh before National Commission for Women, exploitation of women in AAP and wastage of public exchequer to the tune of crores of rupees incurred on unauthorized foreign tours of Ministers and Officers.

Leader of Opposition said that in the Vidhan Sabha Session tomorrow, he will expose how the Delhi Government, Speaker Vidhan Sabha and former Secretary himself have hidden agenda to defend unconstitutional and illegal activities of the Government and the Vidhan Sabha. This is the reason why the Delhi Government illegally set aside the orders of the Union Government which is his cadre controlling authority.
Mr. Gupta said that he will take up the issue of the Chief Minister’s absence from the Vidhan Sabha Session. He does not seem to be interested in the conduct of Assembly Session as during the last meeting, out of five four days, he was present only for few hours during which he did not speak at all. He and his ministers seem to be more interested in spreading their political wings to other states where elections are due like Punjab, Gujrat and Goa.

Leader of Opposition pointed out that Opposition would like to know the mysterious silence of Kejriwal and his Government on the issues of shameless blog written by Ashutosh and his equally irresponsible and erratic behavior before the National Commission for Woman which has called him for explanation. In place of giving concrete reply, he evaded the real issues.

Mr. Gupta said that he would like the house to discuss exploitation of women in AAP. Now, even the eminent leaders of the party are blaming senior leaders for sex in return for election tickets. AAP convener Kejriwal has maintained studied silence on this issue, but Opposition will seek their explanation in the House tomorrow.