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Movie Review: ‘Hey Bro’

Movie Review: ‘Hey Bro’

Story: Gopi(Ganesh Acharya) is a care-free, oversized young guy who lives with his grandfather(Prem Chopra). He suddenly discovers that his parents had separated following a spat right after his birth and he has a twin brother who lives in Mumbai with their mother. From size to personality, nothing matches between him and his brother Shiv(Maninder Singh), who is a cop. Situations play out such that Gopi becomes Shiv’s only way to reach out to the land mafia lord Baba (Hanif Hilal). Do the brothers get reunited?


Review: It’s almost brutal to put one through the trauma of watching this film. At best, Hey Bro can be called a mind numbing experience. Anyone who has seen it cannot be more subtle in putting across this lingering feeling. Dragging despicable laughs for its formidable length of nearly two hours, this film is exhausting.

A twisted version of Bollywood’s successful twin formula, the prime problem with this film is that despite drawing from a curious idea, it eventually remains tangled in the expected clap-traps and predictable laughs. Fitting in far too many fat jokes, the comic chops of Acharya can appease only those who can fall for broad humour.

In terms of commercial expectations, the film fails in both comedy and dance. The latter element especially should be the highlight of a Ganesh Acharya film but none of the dance pieces stand out.

The film is strictly mediocre and submits you to the staple drama-action formula. The actors make no attempt to bail you out of this tragedy. Though Acharya, Hilal and Singh atleast try, Nupur Sharma’s inexperience shows visibly in her performance.

It is director Ajay Chandhok’s premise that saves the film from tripping over into the so-bad-that-it-is-good zone. Probably it had an interesting idea but the lack of sharp writing teamed with underwhelming performances, restricts it to being shoddy.

Never soaring above being an outlandish vanity project for Acharya, it offers nothing more than a few lame laughs and garishly set-up songs. It won’t be the worst thing to miss it.