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Love for Dance Unites Dancers

Love for Dance Unites Dancers

Sandip Soparrkar

Mumbai is known world over for Bollywood, this city is said to be the birth place of all

the latkas and the jhatkas. Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Bangalore and other cities of

India are called more traditional and culturally rich as compared to Mumbai, the city

of Mumbai was always this modern child in comparison to its other sister cities, but

as a dancer and a choreographer I would say that this tag is slowly changing.

Mumbai yes was and will always be the Mecca of Bollywood moves but there are a

group of few culturally rich people who are encouraging and supporting pure dance

forms. By pure I not only mean Indian Classical and folk dances but even

International Classical and folk forms which are not mixed, remixed or bollywoodised

in any manner.

Normally a Valentine day is Mumbai would be celebrated with lots of old and new

Bollywood love songs and couples dancing to it in the typical filmy style, but this

valentine weekend Mumbai saw an event like never before and I am honoured I was

the face of this unique event ‘Dance Dream Believe.’ A one of its kind dance

competition that only allowed entries to couples who could perform pure dance

forms. From Ballroom to Bharatnatyum, From Tamilnadu folk to Latin Folk, from Hip

hop dance to Acrobatic dance, Ballet to Bollywood, if a dancer danced purity of a

dance form only them they were allowed to step up on stage and not just the dance

even the music had to be authentic, pure and totally unadulterated, seeing these

points as a strict rule was such a pleasurable change from today’s regular


Lavni dance expert, Hindi and Marathi film actress Varsha Usgaonkar,

Bharatnatuyum dancer and item girl of Bollywood Meghna Naidu, Gold Medalist at

the All India Ballroom Championship and television hottie actor Nakuul Mehta alone

with Kathak dancer and Actress Aashima Sharma judged this grand event. The show

was dynamically hosted by Contemporary dancer and Mtv Roadies contestant Actor

Raj Kumar Singh and Sharara of Bollywood Shamita Shetty was the pretty chief

guest of this fun filled evening.

The best part about the show was its superbly talented dancers. Nalanda Nritya Kala

Mahavidyalaya students performed lesser known Tamilnadu folk dance Kavadee

and got the evening rolling followed by Viloo Barucha School of Ballet dancers

dancing the French style of the Russian Ballet. There was a beautiful couple in end

60’s who danced the English Waltz so gracefully and elegantly that crowd cheered

for them like crazy. Then there were Contemporary acrobatic dancers too Terrence

Lewis’s Dance School who mesmerised one and all with their clean body lines,

flexibility and strength. Sudeesh Dance Crew dancers danced typical Bollywood

moves of Govinda and Mithun da followed by a mesmerising story of

Ardhanarishwar; the lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi presented so aptly that the

4000 odd people present at Phoenix Market City Mall gave them a standing ovation.

When Indian and World dancers come together then how can the Latino dancer be

far away, there was Salsa from Cuba and the Bachata from Dominican Republic too.

Finally when the results were announced and the grand prizes were being given

away, the public demanded that the winner should dance once more for them and

the fun part was that the contestants even obliged the crazy request of the dancer

lovers. The mall almost came to a standstill when the contestants danced to their

request and later cut a yummy heart shaped chocolate cake with the Guest of

Honour Shamita Shetty.

The most inspirational couple prize was won by Kamlesh Rajore and Sushma Nair

for dancing the traditional English Waltz so effortlessly. The second runner award

was won by Muskaan Kapadia and Chirag Hargunani for their Acrobatic Dance

which showcased their immense flexibility and body strength, the first runner up

trophy was taken by Ballet dancers Omkar Gotad and Parinaaz Guard who showed

the audience what real technical dance is all about and the judges declared Abijith

Nair and Radhika Rangparia as the winners for their refined and perfect

Bharatynayum moves which told the age old Shiva and Shakti’s oneness story.

I personally feel that in India we have divided the dances grading them as Indian

classical, Folk, Western, Highly technical, Less technical, Martial, Ritual, etc.

Dividing the dances is fine for knowledge and understanding but dividing the dancers

based on that is unfair. This show ‘Dance Dream Believe’ brought all dancers

together, the view of seeing an Indian Classical dancer standing along with a Ballet

dancer and a Contemporary dancer shaking hands and congratulating a Ballroom

dancer was a sheer delight. This show just simply proved that Mumbai and its dance

lovers have a spirit of absorbing all that is offered to them with respect and love. I

wish more events likes these happen that bring all dancers and dances together on

one single platform, because we must not forget that it is love for Dance that unities

dancer s together.

Sandip Soparrkar is an internationally renowned Ballroom and Latin Dancer

and a Choreographer, he has also made his name as one of the top Bollywood

choreographers of India. He can be contacted on