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Delhi BJP President Shri Satish Upadhyay & Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Assembly Shri Vijender Gupta have said that Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party Government has a non constructive approach and it keeps creating controversies one after another to mislead the people & be in media glare.

Shri Upadhyay & Shri Gupta have said that right from the beginning the Delhi Government has only created controversies but at the moment it is again playing dirty politics on three important issues Women Security, Hike in Circle Rate of Agriculture Land and the appointment of Lokayukta.  The intention of the Government does not appear to be of finding solutions. In all the three matters the Government is trying to move ahead unconstitutionally and create a public ruckus.

Reacting to the Chief Minister’s calling the Central Government, Lt. Governor and the ACB Chief as Speed Breakers in his drive against corruption and working for the people, the Delhi BJP President Shri Upadhyay has said that Speed Breakers are a precautionary step to avoid a mishap but unfortunately in the case of Delhi Government there is no need of Speed Breakers to curb the speed as it has itself created so many pot holes on its working road which are not allowing it to perform.

Shri Upadhyay has said that this Government has been constantly trying to mislead the people and all acts of the party which speaks a lot on morality reflect its immorality & insincerity. The Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal did all he could to protect his close friend and former Minister Jitendra Singh Tomar but when he could not prevent his arrest he went into hiding. Before the elections Shri Kejriwal used to say that we will not let any tainted person to sit in the Vidhan Sabha but now in the matter of Jitendra Singh Tomar the CM is yet to start proceedings to end his membership of Vidhan Sabha.

In the matter of another former Minister & close confidant Shri Somnath Bharti the Chief Minister stands exposed. Yesterday the Lt. Governor gave clearance to prosecute him in the matter of harassing foreign women and within hours during the Vidhan Sabha proceedings in the presence of the Chief Minister Shri Somnath Bharti again passed lewd remarks violating the modesty of women. It is a matter of shame that the Chief Minister silently sat and allowed Shri Somnath Bharti to humiliate the women in the Vidhan Sabha special session called on the matter of women security. The silence of the Chief Minister on the complaints of Shri Somnath Bharti’s wife too speaks volumes on his sincerity towards women causes.

Leader of the Opposition Shri Vijender Gupta has said that yesterday Government got passed a resolution to setup a special commission to enquire into the matters of cruelty against women which is not within the working ambit of Delhi Government.

On the other hand the Government is trying to go ahead in the matter of increasing circle rate of the agricultural land in Delhi without following the legal procedure with an eye on creating new controversy to mislead the rural population.

Thirdly, on the matter of the appointment of Lokayukta in Delhi the Government first sat over it for 5 months and now is trying to rush through without completing the legal formalities.

Shri Vijender Gupta has said that if the Government of Delhi had an iota of seriousness in the matter of women security they should have called the Police Commissioner of Delhi in the special session called yesterday. In the past too in similar matters the Police Commissioner has been summoned both in the Delhi Vidhan Sabha and the Lok Sabha. As far as the matter of forming a Special Enquiry Commission for crime against women the Delhi Government is only trying to create a new controversy to mislead the people because constitutionally formation of such a commission is not within the working ambit of Delhi Government or Delhi Vidhan Sabha.

He said on the matter of increasing the circle rate for agricultural land, the Government of Delhi is again showing the similar controversial attitude as it did last month in the matter of appointment of the Chairperson of Delhi Commission for Women. The law department has clarified that Delhi Government can make recommendation of hike but the notification has to be made by the Lt. Governor. Yet just to create a public controversy, Delhi Government is trying to go ahead and make the announcement of hike itself. Ultimately this matter will become controversial and the rural population would be the loser.

Shri Gupta has said that in the matter of appointment of the Lokayukta too, the intention of Government appears to be malafide. In his last term Shri Arvind Kejriwal quit making Lokpal an issue but in his present term he has been sitting upon the file of appointing the Lokayukta for almost six months. Now, after condemnation by the Delhi High Court the Government is trying to rush through the appointment without following the constitutional provision of consulting the opposition. This way the Government wants to put the appointment of Lokayukta in dispute.

Shri Satish Upadhyaya & Shri Vijender Gupta have said that as an active opposition party Delhi BJP would no more allow the Government of Delhi to play with the sentiments of the people anymore. We will go amongst the people to expose the farce working of Delhi Government on one hand and on the other we will soon raise the matters of constitutional violation by Delhi Government before the Hon’ble President of India and request him to issue a warning to Delhi Government.