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In Orthodox India, Startup lets unmarried couples book rooms without hassle

In Orthodox India, Startup lets unmarried couples book rooms without hassle

It is very difficult to be an unmarried couple in our country. Each side you turn, there’s someone to stop you or to make your life a misery. The moral police is the best example of peoples who ruin lives of peoples who just want to spend some quality time together. Its no matter whether you are sitting in park holding one another hand, or you decide to walk on beach, if you caught in car..!! The worst?? Those raids on hotels and guest houses. So there no spaces left..!! Where are these poor couples go to spend some time with each other?

When it comes to hotel rooms, the hotels are fussy strict. Many hotels simply deny , many demand marriage certificate. However to ease the life of couples , enter zone of LuvStay.

LuvStay is a new website and portal and the brainchild of Sumit Anand. Anand & AmarDeep started this project this year and launched on September. Its Not just a normal portal to book room for couples. Couples can book coffee table for morning to evening and even they can order gifts from their gifts shop like cake, customized chocolates etc directly to their stay to make their stay more memorable and excited. Right now they mark their presence in 11 cities covering Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Ambala, Jaipur Etc. They even offer booking for 10 hours. Surprisingly 2000-3000 couples look daily on the website and on average 20-30 bookings get daily. Now they are planning to get tieups with all the cities in Nation.

Privacy is and will always remain a concern in budget hotels, but Sumit Anand ensures that the hotels who have tied up with LuvStay are Safe & Secured. Its simple , log on to website or download the app. Enter your destination, pick your hours select your date. You will find list of hotels. There are 3 time slots- for day, for night or for 24 hours so choose according to your comfort.

LuvStay has eased a lot of problems for the young working professionals in the city . If you are single , an unmarried couple or a solo traveler looking for hotel , LuvStay is a great deal for you.