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Fitness is fun, says Shraddha Kapoor

Fitness is fun, says Shraddha Kapoor

Riding high on the commercial success and critical acclaim of films like Haider and ABCD-2, Shraddha Kapoor has shown that she has a mind of her own. Shraddha leads by example whether it means breaking barriers like venturing into the domain of playback singing at an early stage of her acting career and signing unconventional films which no new actor would dare to do.
Shraddha has that spark, spontaneity, which makes movie goers, particularly the youth, relate to her. Apart from histrionics, she also sports a shapely figure. Her seriousness about maintaining a healthy physique can be seen from the fact that it is the top most priority for her.
This was revealed when the actor, who came for the launch of Fitbit, a consumer fitness electronics company, in the Capital, said matter-of-factly, “No greater wealth is there other than health.” Asked about her favourite exercise, she said, “I go to the gym. I even have a yoga guru and do dance as well but I think schedule should keep changing. Fitness is fun, so sometimes go in for yoga and then sometimes go in for other activities.”
Shraddha, who played soccer and handball in school, believes that these games are challenging and necessary for an active body. As far as food, which is directly proportionate to maintaining a healthy physique, is concerned, Shraddha recommends intake of healthy edibles. “Dieting is not necessarily about losing weight. It basically talks about healthy food while I also do have one or two cheat days when I do indulge in other junk food as well.”
Belonging to a mixed ethnic family, it is very hard for Shraddha to control her love for home-cooked food but she somehow manages to control it. “At home I get dishes from different parts of the country but I stick to my regular healthy diet of grilled vegetables, egg, fish and fruit juices. You have to pay a price for fitness and health.”
While describing her diet catalog, the actor also recommended avocados. “Avocadoes are very good in taste but at the same time very expensive too.”
Awarded as the best actress, the best celebrity singer of the year, favorite promising actor and much more, Shraddha said that fitness needs to be made mandatory in every sector whether it is office, home, film, modelling, school or college.
She agreed with the fact that nowadays, people are becoming more technology to achieve fitness. She believes that tech-fitness goods help a person to build a body in less number of days. “If you do either treadmill or weight training or cycling or whatever machines there are in the gym, they contribute to your fitness and keep your body active and healthy.” For people with busy schedules, the actor suggested walks. “If you cannot go in for a workout or gym, eat healthy food. Using stairs instead of elevators also helps,” said the actor.