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Finally, the world famous LuvKush Ramleela reached its last phase of beautiful Bharat Milap.

Started from 21st September, and now the world’s biggest and famous LuvKush Ramleela ended the untold story of, the Ramayana by a beautiful narration of Bharat Milap. As yesterday the most awaited moment was narrated, that is Raavan Vadh, which was graced by the presence of actor John Abraham, politicians Amit Shah and Arvind Kejriwal. And now the LuvKush Ramleela made a grand ending with the most striking scenes of Bharat Milap along with when Hanuman Ji showcases his love towards Lord Ram and Sita by tearing his chest apart.
Apart from this plot, the other acts were also narrated with intensity by the cast of Ramlila, such as, Through Hanuman Ji Sita gets victory message of Lord Ram against Raavan. After Raavan’s death by Ram, Vibhishan becomes new caretaker of Lanka. Lord Ram and Sita Ji worship Ketusharam. After Bharat Milap, the announcement of Shri Ram to become the new king of Ayodhya. Whereas, Shri Ram narrate his 14 years journey of Vanwas to his people after reaching Ayodhya. And in an amazing way, Hanuman Ji shows his love and devotion towards Lord Ram and Sita by tearing his chest apart.
Well, it was all about this year’s Raamayan enactment by the entire cast of LuvKush Ramleela. As the chairman Ashok Aggarwal mentioned in his words before, he left no bars to make this year’s Ramleela a grand scenario. The management was cautious about arranging proper security at the ground throughout the entire period of the festival.
The entire Lal Quila Maidan witnessed the purity and beauty of Ramlila by all the artists of different fields, from celebrities to politicians everyone gave their best to mesmerize the audience as well as media peeps. So, this year is a proof that the other upcoming festive occasions are going to be bigger and better by LuvKush Ramleela committee.