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Falguni Pathak’s ‘Pushpanjali Navratri Utsav 2016’ Assures Stern Security and Crowd Management Measures

Falguni Pathak’s ‘Pushpanjali Navratri Utsav 2016’ Assures Stern Security and Crowd Management Measures

Mumbai- Kabir Ali …
As thousands of ‘Garba’ lovers prepare to flock at ‘Dandiya Queen’ Falguni Pathak’s Navratri event to be held at Pushpanjali Gardens, Borivali (West), the organizer of the grand 11 day event, Shriya Events has stepped up its security provision and crowd management for the much awaited festival.
The name ‘Falguni Pathak’ is enough when it comes to the popularity of a Navratri event, but this year, other added factors, such as more number of holidays, and a venue in the heart of Gujarati suburban area of Mumbai, will turn in massive crowd of ‘Dandiya’ enthusiasts in comparison to the previous year.
“When it comes to an event as grand as this, our priority is safety. Thus, we have deployed added security and stringent crowd management measures, especially for women, so they can enjoy the festival while feeling safe and relaxed.” announced, Mr. Santosh Singh, Partner of Shriya Events LLP, during a press conference held today at Mumbai’s Ambassador Hotel.
Falguni Pathak an undeniable Navratri sensation, who, for over two decades have got masses dance to her folk and Bollywood tunes, is all set to bring an element of surprise on stage this time by introducing a song from her very own upcoming album. “Following the tradition of my events, this time as well, I have selected songs in various languages, bringing in glimpse of diverse culture of India into one festival. Additionally I am excited to use this opportunity to introduce a song from my upcoming album, which will serve perfect beats for Garba dancing.” said, the singer.
Falguni’s ‘Pushpanjali Navratri Utsav’, will be a festival where pool of multicultural people dressed in their bright colorful outfits adorned with traditional accessories, will groove with energy to the beats of her band ‘Ta Thaiyya’.
The event is anticipated to be the biggest Navratri festival of Maharashtra, and will also be roping in Bollywood celebrities as chief guests to join the singer on stage, as they woo crowd with their vigor and performance.