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Documentary on Gandhi Teerth .A Film By Makarand Brahme

Documentary on Gandhi Teerth .A Film By Makarand Brahme

Mumbai ,By Kabir Ali 

Documentary on Gandhi Teerth .A Film By Makarand Brahme 

Gandhi Teerth is the largest 80000 sq feet museum situated at Jain Hills in Jalgoan city in Maharashtra …. Made by visionary, Padmashri, Shri Bhawarlal Jain, chairman and promoter of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. This museum is designed with various multimedia technology and showcases the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi I. A most innovative way …. That will connect today’s young generation to the immortal thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi…. Almost 500 acres of wonderfully landscape area with complete environment friendly building of Gandhi Teerth has got many awards….. This film is an effort to showcase the making of this Gandhi Teerth which is very dramatic and gives lots of insight about the huge efforts went into making of this magnificent monument

The excellent photography and marvelous aerial shots are breathtaking, that captures the huge lush green area of Gandhi Teerth……

Creative Media a boutique production house from Pune has produced this documentary film and Sr. Director Makarand Brahme has directed it…… He is known for his specialization and dramatic presentation of various real life subjects in an engaging documentary formats…. For more then six months this project of Gandhi Teerth was well researched and huge archival footage and material was studied for making of this film….. The film show cases the beautiful well landscaped 500 acres of Jain hills area and the state of art environment friendly museum complex with many behind the scene stories and the in depth work continuously being done by Gandhi Research Foundation…. Premier of this documentary film was screened on Lok Sabha TV on 30th Jan 2016 at 9.00 am

Vision and the immortal thoughts given by Mahtama Gandhi and his speech from museum’s archives makes it further interesting and inspiring for young generation ……

wonderful, innovative and educative museum and Gandhi research foundation based at Jain Hills, in Jalgoan, Maharashtra