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Deepender Hooda raises issue of H1B visa IT professionals in Lok Sabha, urges Govt to Protect the H1B Visa holder’s future

Deepender Hooda raises issue of H1B visa IT professionals in Lok Sabha, urges Govt to Protect the H1B Visa holder’s future

Congress Lok Sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda has urged the government to take immediate steps to ensure that the interests of Indians working in the United States of America are protected under the new H1B visa regime.

He raised the issue during the question hour of the Lok Sabha after the news of H1B Visa holders facing deportation in the USA cropped up in the newspapers today. He called on the government to be proactive and take immediate diplomatic initiatives to protect the interests of approx 7.5 lakh young professionals working in the information technology and other sectors in the USA.

While speaking on the H1B Visa issue, Deepender Hooda said that the IT sector has emerged as an important revenue engine for the country and India’s IT sector stands as a service centre for rest of the world. Deepender, who himself worked at Infosys as a software engineer, said Indians use about 70% of the H1B visa and American move would hurt the Indian software industry the hardest.

He urged the Govt not to look at the huge IT sector as only a source of revenue but also compassionately consider the interests of the lakhs and crores of IT professionals working in this sector. For the last 2 years 70% of the revenue generated by this sector comes from the American market, he added.

This move is expected to hit Indian software professionals who are in the United States on an H1B visa and have already applied for a green card. The US administration is now seeking to start the ‘self-deportation’ process which would hurt Indian IT and other professionals who had been working in the United States of America for several years.

While referring to the news in all major dailies today, Hooda said that the protectionist policies of the Trump administration especially the Buy American, Hire American order has put the future of approx 7.5 lakh IT professionals at risk. He said the IT and IT Enabled Services Industry is already facing serious problems due to automation and AI and urged the government to come up with a comprehensive policy for skill upgradation in the IT services industry.

In the wake of such developments in the US administration what is the Govt doing to protect lakhs of young and talented IT Professionals, whose future is lurching in the dark, from getting deported. It is not only the matter of 7.5 lakh professionals but also of crores of young professionals for whom this IT sector is a source of aspirations.