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Baby Movie Review

Baby Movie Review

Mumbai ,By Kabir Ali 

Neeraj pandey has set high hopes especially after his previous works, A WeDNESDAY(His most accomplished work so far), and it was Special 26 that brought Akshay Kumar and Neeraj Pandey together to create a Mesmerizing experience. BABY is no less than brilliant but with the benchmarks set by NP, BABY certainly fails to be THE BEST work by him.

BABY has everything In place right from a Bigger Canvas, A Tight Script to a Gripping Plot, A Dream cast, The Locales, virtually everything and it still gives a Message Loud and Clear and Leaves a great impact but the only culprit here is the over-stretched second half. This is the point where BABY falls short of becoming a Masterpiece and sticks to Brilliant. May be, too much for the asking due to high expectations set! 20-30 minutes shorter and it would have been a Masterpiece.

Its Action Kumar(High time, he should rename himself) aka Akshay Kumar as Ajay, who might have portrayed this character umpteen times but still it’s a Treat to watch him every time. He carries the movie altogether with his Crisp Dialogue Delivery, Spot on Timing, and Breathtaking Action sequences. I wonder if any of the Khans have the guts to do an Action Kumar! Akshay’s character might sound familiar with HOLIDAY but still, you Love this One Man Army from Start to Finish!

Next one in the Dream cast is the ever Reliable Danny as Chief of the Group Feroz. He has spent decades in Industry and the ease with which he emotes and the confidence leaves you speechless! The Corporate Suits, the mannerisms, never for a moment you will feel he is NOT a Army Chief. Take a Bow, Sir!

Rest of the Cast are in Bits and Pieces including Anupam Kher, as opposed his previous full fledged roles in NP’s films. He has already done this no. of times and this time, he is as convincing as Shukla ji. Rana Daggubati fits the Bill with this grown muscles. Gets less screen time and Dialogues, but he provides his best. KayKay Menon’s is almost a Cameo but he leaves a Mark in this small a role with his eyes only.

A special mention for Taapsee Pannu who not only looks beautiful but beats the hell out, when it comes to Action Sequences. She has a long way to go in Bollywood provided his choice of movies is not like CHASHMEBADDOOR(Remake???).

Another Special mention for Hafiz Saeed look-a-like Rashid Naz, who not looks brilliant but I was stunned by his Dialogue delivery. Hats off to Casting Director for this MasterStroke.

Sushant Singh is good in the cameo, so is Murli Sharma and the Debutante Madhurima Tuli as Akashay’s wife. Mikaal Zulfiqar as Ashfaq is promising.

I have mentioned most of them are Cameos since Action Kumar gets most of the screen time and eats into others, and rightly so! The character and the script demanded that and NP does full justice to each character. The only problem is that there are so many of them one after the other that by the end in one particular scene when Danny narrates the entire plot, and mentions each character, you tend to remember who was who!

Verdict : BABY is undoubtedly a Great way to Start 2015 for Bollywood, and is simply Brilliant, but as I mentioned above, since it is a Neeraj pandey film, at least I expected more. Never mind, it’s still Entirely watchable Edge-of-the-Seat Thriller, that too in Theatres for its Locales and Action Kumar’s Breathtaking Stunts, despite being Predictable at times.

Watch it from its gripping Story, Subject and yes, for Action Kumar! You won’t be disappointed for Sure.

My rating :4/5 (3.5 for Movie + an Extra half for Akshay Kumar and Danny)