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Awareness campaign for Demonetization

Awareness campaign for Demonetization

Union minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Dr Harsh Vardhan today invited 400 people from the lowest strata of the society to his residence as a part of his ongoing awareness campaign for Demonetization and Cashless Economy.
Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that with grace of the people he’s been able to organise various such events in past three weeks. For example, only recently he was at Azadpur Sabzi Mandi where he did a Padyatra with support from thousands of traders, shopkeepers and workers.
At the start of the gathering, Dr Harsh Vardhan thanked the people for extending such an overwhelming support to the government. He said that this encourages the government to stay on course its difficult fight against corruption.
For the purpose of spreading awareness, a play was organised by the volunteers from Chandani Chowk Constituency, which aimed to depict the options available to the people for cashless transactions like card, net banking, e-wallets etc. and how it shall benefit the economy of the country.
He said that soon the benefits of Demonetisation will be visible in our economy. The rate of growth will increase, there’ll be cleaner economics and politics in the country and the rate of interest will go down. These shall lead to an all-inclusive growth in and shall benefit every person in the country
After the play Dr Harsh Vardhan interacted with the people present and heard their opinion on the subject. He said that Demonetisation has badly hurt the Black Money hoarders in the country;
now, to ensure that this Black Money doesn’t make its place back in the economy again, the nation must move towards Cashless Transactions, as shown in the play earlier.
The conversations revealed that many among the people present have already been using the cashless options like e-wallets for their transactions. Dr Harsh Vardhan expressed his pleasure at this.
In the end Dr Harsh Vardhan thanked the volunteers, the people, the supporters and well-wishers for the play and making this evening gathering a successful one.