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Anca Verma, Chairperson Olialia World

Anca Verma, Chairperson Olialia World

Anca Verma, Chairperson Olialia World
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Olialia Island Maldives Private Limited
Olialia International Airport Maldives Private Limited

Olialia World is a US$ 5 billion multinational FMCG company with interests in hospitality, aviation and banking sectors. It is is owned by India’s Verma Family scion Abhishek Verma and his wife Anca.

Anca graduated from the University of Galați with a master’s degree in engineering. During her early days in college, she appeared on national and European TV channels as the host of several talk shows. She also performed at events as a celebrity in Romania. In the modelling world, she won the Miss Universe Romania title and was the most sought after model in Romania.

After Anca’s marriage to Abhishek Verma in 2006, she became his lieutenant in his global weapons trade and defense supplies business; in 2011 she bought into 51% equity and was appointed the Managing Director of SIG SAUER India, a joint venture with the multinational weapons company.
Chief Executive Officer 1997 – 2003 (7 years) CEO of fashion label GRAI, popular clothing brand in Romania.
General Manager 2003 – 2009 (7 years) Anca was heading the implementation and expansion of networks for Atlas Telecom service areas in Romania. During tenure at the helm of affairs at Atlas Telecom Romania, Anca was also nominated on the Board of Directors for netTV project of Atlas Interactive India Private Limited in 2003 and successfully implemented the installation and commissioning of the prestigious US$ 2 billion TV over IP network in several Indian cities.

Member of the Board of Directors 2004 – 2006 (3 years) netTV. Atlas created new business under the brand name of netTV on behalf of fixed line telephone operators in India, to provide an unparalleled range of TV and internet services to residential and business customers in India. For the first time, Indian households had access to a wide range of basic and premium television and radio channels, on-demand videos and music, interactive services, email and web access, videoconferencing and other communications services. netTV enterprise valuation in 2005 was US$ 2 billion.
Project Director 2003 – 2008 (6 years) Atlas Interactive India Private Limited, a joint venture corporation with the Atlas Telecom provided a range of video, voice, data, internet services and interactive content to customers in over 70 countries. The company was founded in 1994, is privately owned, and has proven highly entrepreneurial in capturing new and profitable market opportunities arising from market liberalisation and new technologies. Atlas has launched an innovative local mobility service in Romania, using DECT, has the necessary technical, commercial and financial skills, as well as a strong presence in India to undertake various projects. Sales revenues of Atlas Telecom exceed US$ 500 million.

Board of Directors 2010 – June 2013 (3 years) SIG SAUER Inc firearms are the weapons of choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users. High quality, ultimate reliability and unmatched performance have always been hallmarks of the SIG SAUER brand. In the USA, nearly 1 in 3 law enforcement professionals use SIG SAUER firearms. SIG SAUER Inc is an ISO 9001 certified multinational company headquartered in the USA with over 650 employees. SIG SAUER Inc is a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes SIG SAUER in Exeter, NH USA, SIG SAUER GmbH and Blaser, GmbH. in Germany, SWISS ARMS AG in Switzerland, SIG SAUER India and SDRD Ltd in Israel. This global network of companies gives SIG SAUER Inc a world-class firearms knowledge base, unparalleled design expertise, and extensive manufacturing capacity, enabling the company to respond quickly and effectively to changing market conditions and the needs of its military, law enforcement, and commercial customers worldwide.

Former Member of the Board of Directors 2009 – 2013 (5 years) GANTON India Pvt Ltd is engaged in a wide variety of businesses such as advisory services in defence sector and critical technologies, MRO and offset programs with global technology and defence contractors worldwide. Ganton has investments globally with a net-worth exceeding US$ 1.5 billion and sales revenues of US$ 2 billion (FY 2011). Ganton India provides public relations, financial engineering, commercial development, consulting and geo-political exposure at appropriate levels for a pre-meditated understanding of employment deployment of technologies, through the experienced backend it maintains which is also the think-tank for assessing opportunities from all aspects, and provides advice in educating various levels in understanding and adopting futuristic technologies. Ganton India has successfully advised several global defence companies in conducting business with India.

Member Board of Trustees 2006 – Present Shrikant Verma 1931-1986 was a great visionary, poet, writer, journalist and politician who led India after Independence into industrialization and modernization. Shrikant Verma Charitable Trust was formed in 1987, by his family to keep Shrikant Verma’s memory alive and for upliftment of poor, downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.