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A singer is incomplete without classical knowledge

A singer is incomplete without classical knowledge



A  talk with the Pop singer Amrit Singh aka  EM DEE

Amrit Singh who runs a  gym at East Delhi is also  a good singer and he has recently launched his video-“Singh on the top” on you tube. This video is highly appreciated by the people at large. He talked at lenth with Manoj Bisaria.

Question- You are a gym trainer and also a good singer…..what prompted you to develop an interest into music?

Amrit- When I was in 8th standard, one of my best friends was a good singer.  I learned a lot of things from him. At that time I realized that I was gradually developing a taste for music. For the last twenty years, I have been into  this line. Now both music and gym have become parts of my life.

Question-   You have sung more Punjabi songs than hindi… there any particular reason behind this?

Answer- I am a Sikh and Punjabi is my mother tongue. Whenever I sing Punjabi songs, I try to spread the fragrance of my soil through my songs. I feel proud when people enjoy my songs.

Question- Your video was on top chart buster recently… did you find people’s reaction….when is your next video to b aired?

Amrit- I am very grateful to those who have liked my video. The theme of my video was that the Sikhs are pioneers in every field and they like to serve humanity. After this huge response, we will soon be launching a new video.

Question- Every singer or an artiste is inspired by somebody. Who was your inspiration ?

Amrit- I am a big fan of singer Malkeet Singh.  I have heard his all numbers. He has such a melodious voice.

Question- It means you try to copy his style of singing …..

Amrit-  No…it is true that I am his great fan but although but I have my own style of singing. I do not copy anybody. Besides this, am also inspired by Babbu Maan sahib. It is said that Salman is a pride of bollywood while Babbu Maan is a pride of Punjab.

Question- How do you feel when you perform on stage among the people.

Amrit- Where ever I go….I am  appreciated by the audience at large.  Whenever I get free time from my gym, I try to reach my fans.

Question- What do you want to say for those who wish to make a career in music industry.

Amrit- I will say that ….if you really wish to be a part of music world, then learn classical music. Singing is not sufficient unless you go into its depth. I must say without classical knowledge a singer is incomplete. So first learn then sing.

Question- In Punjab, there are lot of albums which are released off and on. There are  ore singers than songs but only a few could get success.

Amrit- Lack of training is a major factor. New singers without adequate knowledge, try to join this field. If they learn more….they can make their place easily. Secondly, never lose your patience. Those who work hard always succeed.

Question-   What will be the message in your upcoming video album?

Amrit-  Alcohol addiction in Punjab is a major problem these days. Many families are  ruined because of this addiction. I have a clear message to the youth that they should adhere of alcoh ol. We have to build a addiction free society.